Joining Eastview’s Choirs

Thank you for your interest in Eastview’s Choirs. Our choral program is the largest in Simcoe County, and our choirs have been recognized as being among the highest quality in the country at national competitions. Most of our choir students, however, start out as beginners, so there will be an opportunity for you no matter what your level.

In addition to the information below, please also see the Ensembles page of this website.

Concert Choir

  • Our largest choir, consisting of approximately 80 members
  • No audition required
  • Rehearsal times – Wednesdays, 2:45-4:00, with optional repertoire being rehearsed from 4:00-4:30.  Room 204.
  • Fee – $50 (you can try it out before you pay, but the fee is due before you perform); bursary available.  The fee covers sheet music, part of the uniform, festival fees, venue rentals, field trips, accompanists, and other miscellaneous costs.
  • How to join – All are welcome at our September rehearsals, so come on out!  More information will be given at that time.
  • Other requirements – permanent members must be enrolled in a music course at Eastview. There is a trial period; new members may try the choir for a year, but must register in a music course if they’d like to continue the next year.

Chamber Choir

  • Audition is required in June.  If you missed the audition period but are still interested, please speak to Mr. Stewart.
  • Rehearsal times – Tuesdays, 2:45-4:00.
  • Members must also participate in the concert choir.  There is no additional fee for chamber choir, beyond the concert choir fee.

2017 Music Travel Plans

I hope everyone is enjoying summer holidays so far. I am touching base with next year’s potential choir and orchestra families to announce our travel plans based on the surveys that were given out. The most popular choice was to travel to Disney World by coach to participate in Festival Disney.  Below are the tentative plans which have been submitted to the board office for approval over the summer. Please note that changes are still possible.

After reading the information below, please consider providing input on whether we should consider lengthening the trip by one day to provide more time for students to explore the theme parks. I would consider this if it would keep the total cost within $200 of what it is currently. Feel free to reply if you have any opinion on this, or if you have any other questions or comments.


Duration and Timing

  • Wednesday, March 29, 2017 (departing mid-day) – Monday April 3, 2017
  • 5.5 days total, including 3.5 instructional days


  • The base price will be $1350, with an option to attend a performance of Cirque du Soleil for an additional $125.
  • Payment dates will be as follows:
    • Sept 30, 2016 – $400 (or $525 if attending Cirque du Soleil)
    • Nov 11, 2016 – $475
    • Jan 20, 2017 – $475

Transportation and Accommodation

  • Travel by overnight coach (approximately 24 hour trip including stops) – According to surveys, most people preferred taking an overnight coach to a flight, as it provides a cost savings of around $650
  • 3 nights in hotel, 2 nights on coach en-route

Trip Highlights

  • Performance at Festival Disney
  • Workshops provided by Disney (conditional upon availability)
  • Festival Awards Night
  • Explore Disney’s theme parks – 2 half days, one full day (or equivalent to 2 full days – exact timing is dependent on festival scheduling)
  • Three included breakfasts
  • Four included dinners, including a meal at House of Blues and a dinner/show at Disney’s Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show.
  • Optional – Cirque du Soleil for an additional price as detailed above
  • For details, see the preliminary itinerary posted at

Please note – students must have valid passports to travel to the United States, and non-Canadian citizens may require a visa. Over the summer would be a good time to confirm that your passport will be valid for the duration of the trip.