Hi Everyone,

Just a few quick things:

  • This has been announced at rehearsals, but in case anyone has missed it, next Friday (March 3) we will be hosting a coffeehouse as originally scheduled, but the Mini-Concert has been cancelled.  Due to the numerous rehearsals lost recently due to snow days, we don’t have enough new repertoire at this point to justify running this event this year.
  • Members of the Chamber Choir and Sr. Vocal Ensemble are reminded to return Ontario Vocal Festival permission forms ASAP if they have not already done so.
  • All choir members are reminded to continue to pay attention to the semester 2 rehearsal schedule on a weekly basis
  • Those interested in performing a solo or in a small group at this year’s Gala must apply before March Break.  Auditions will be held the week after March Break.  Also, we are looking for volunteers to choreograph the bigger choir numbers.  More information and application forms will be provided at this Wednesday’s rehearsal.
  • Finally, a big thank you to Jehvon, Matthew and Chase (and those who assisted them) for organizing a running a successful fundraiser for the choir this past Friday after school. Those who attended had a great time, and the funds it brought in will benefit everyone in the choir.

Chamber Choir Festival Plans

Hi Chamber Choir,

So we’ve lost four of our last six rehearsals due to snow days. With only three more to go, it’s not looking great for preparing our OVF music in time.  Some possible solutions:

  • We could perform Cape Breton Lullaby and two Christmas songs (maybe This Little Babe and Carol of the Bells)
  • We could perform less than three songs
  • We could not go at all, and instead see if I can get us registered into the Barrie Music Festival in April (you’re all going to this one anyway for concert choir)
  • Try to squeeze in some extra rehearsals, and bring those people to the festival who are able to be at enough of them to learn the music.  This would include a rehearsal tomorrow (Tuesday) after school.

I’ve emailed the festival to see what they think of us going for either of the first two options!

I’d like to have a short meeting to discuss this tomorrow.  Could you all please plan to meet at one of the following two times if possible?

  • Beginning of Period 3 lunch in the vocal room
  • Beginning of Period 4 lunch in the library seminar room (back of the library)

Mr. Stewart

Choir News – February 2017

Choir has resumed, and there are a number of announcements/reminders:

Upcoming Dates

  • Fri Feb 17Feeder Schools Tour – Full day field trip. Please pick up a permission form if you don’t already have one and return by next Wednesday at the latest.  A PDF version is available here.
  • Fri Feb 24 – After school social and fundraiser – “Super Smash Bros” – The first of its kind for our choir and organized by a group of our grade nine choir members, everyone is encouraged to come out after school for this video game tournament!
  • Fri Mar 3 Winter mini-concert and coffeehouse – The choir will be putting on a short performance in our school cafeteria at 7pm. This will be followed by our final coffeehouse of the year.
  • Thurs Mar 9 – Chamber Choir and Sr. Vocal Ensemble only – Full day field trip for the Ontario Vocal Festival. Permission forms are now available.

Gala Songs

The concert choir will be performing four songs in the Gala; two will include everyone, and the other two will be optional and will be learned outside of regular rehearsal time.

  1. The Cat Came Back – Everyone; rehearsed during normal Wednesday practices
  2. Disney Through the Decades – Everyone; rehearsed during normal Wednesday practices
  3. Do, Re, MiOptional – normally rehearsed from 4-4:30pm on Wednesdays, starting next Wednesday
  4. Be Our Guest – Optional – normally rehearsed from 2:45-3:30 on Thursdays

For details on rehearsal times for the optional songs, please see the semester 2 choir schedule, available in PDF here or as a hard copy in the vocal room.


There were a number of unknown absences at Wednesday’s rehearsal, which is concerning, particularly after we’ve missed so many rehearsals due to snow days.  Please refamiliarize yourself with our attendance policies. Remember – this is a team effort, and your absence undermines the efforts of everyone in the choir.  Also, if you are unable to attend any of the performances listed above, please let me know right away.

Note – for those of you involved in the Sears drama production, you will be excused from rehearsals on Feb 15 and Feb 22.