March 2017 Update

Hi Everyone,

Some more updates as we approach another busy time with the choir.

Items for tomorrow (Thursday)

  • Reminder that the Grade 9 “Seasons of Love” group rehearses at lunch time, and the “Be Our Guest” Group rehearses after school
  • Chamber Choir – If you were at OVF, please return the photo release form I handed out to you by tomorrow if possible, and definitely by Friday.

Upcoming Events

  • Next Monday – Florida group to join the chamber choir until 3:30
  • No concert choir rehearsal next week due to the Florida Trip
  • Wed Apr 12 – Seniors Serenade Performance at Grace United Church from 2:30-3:30pm.  We will walk over to Grace United Church sometime during period 4 to get ready and rehearse.  Wear your performance uniforms.  No permission forms are necessary since it is in walking distance.
  • Wed Apr 19 – Barrie Music Festival, during periods 1 and 2.  Permission forms and more details coming soon.
  • Gala is May 4.  Dress rehearsal is May 3, and people doing solos or small groups could be required to stay as late as 5:30.  Larger ensembles will be done by regular time.

Song Memorization Timelines

  • April 12 – Hand in Hand, Angus Dei, Disney Medley
  • April 19 – Do-Re-Mi, Be Our Guest (if you are performing these)
  • April 26 – The Cat Came Back

Gala Audition Schedule

This year we have enough space available in the evening show to accommodate everyone who handed in an application.  Since I know all your voices and abilities well enough, it won’t be necessary to have “auditions.”  Everyone listed below will be in the evening show, provided they sufficiently prepare their music and continue attending rehearsals (for solos/groups as well as regular ensemble rehearsals).  Instead, these appointment times will be used for a meeting to discuss your performance and to give your song a quick try to see where it’s at.

There is probably room for an additional 2-3 performances for the evening show and some for the matinee.  If anyone is interested, they should see me to setup an audition time by the end of the week (March 24).  Late applicants will all be given equal consideration (grades 9-12, solos or groups).

  • Naomi and Nicole – Tues Mar 21, 8:00AM – Please bring sheet music
  • Kayla – Tues Mar 21, 10:45AM
  • Keara and Kaeleigh – Tues Mar 21, 2:45PM
  • Sarah Sc. – Tues Mar 21, 3:00PM – I have music for this but if you want a different version please bring it
  • Alice – Tues Mar 21, 3:15PM
  • Abigail – Wed Mar 22, 8:00AM
  • Grace, Andrew, Sam, Ethan – Wed Mar 22, 10:45AM
  • Valerie – Thurs Mar 23, 3:30PM – Please bring sheet music
  • Katelyn – Thurs Mar 23, 3:45PM – I have music for this but if you want a different version please bring it

Please see me if you need to reschedule.