Information for Gala Week

Between Now and May 3

  • Visit the Gala webpage (see me if you don’t know the link), and make sure you have your costumes prepared and you know your choreography.
  • Also on this webpage, check the May 3 rehearsal schedule so you know when you’ll be able to go home on that day
  • Buy your Gala tickets for family and friends! $10 each available from me, or they can be purchased at the door.  Also, please promote the buy-in to your friends!

May 3 – You are signed out of period 5

  • Come to the cafeteria at the beginning of period 5 for our dress rehearsal
  • No costuming needed on this date

May 4 – You are signed out of periods 1 and 2

  • Come to the cafeteria when you arrive to school, dressed in your favourite costume that you have prepared for the evening show. There will be no costume changes for the matinee.
  • During period 1, we will have one final chunk of rehearsal time.
  • During period 2, we will present the matinee buy-in.
  • Arrive back at the school at 6:45pm, dressed in your first costume for the evening performance. Drop off belongings in changing areas (see signs in the hallway near the health room and computer labs 112 and 114).  Arrive in the vocal room at 6:55 sharp for a warm-up.
  • You are expected to stay after the Gala to help clean up.
  • A social at a nearby location will then be held, details to be announced.

Other Announcements

  • I need people to help sell buy-in tickets at lunch! Please see me or sign up on the sheet today if you’re interested.
  • No rehearsal on Wed May 10
  • We have our 50th Reunion performance on Fri May 12. Meet in the vocal room at 6:15pm for a warm-up, dressed in your performance uniform.  You should be done around 7:45pm.
  • If you share a solo with somebody in the Disney Medley – Whoever did the solo at the Senior’s Serenade will do it again during the Gala matinee. The other person will do it for the Gala evening show and at the Reunion.  If the two of you decide on your own to share it differently instead, that’s fine.
  • Information about auditions for next year (chamber choir, senior ensemble, fundraiser event) will be made available on May 12 at the Reunion. The earliest I plan to hold auditions is May 31.  Also, I will provide on that date information about a final choir party and elections for next year’s council.
  • If you love Gala and want to do those types of shows regularly, Barrie’s Bravado Show Choir is looking for new (and younger) members. They are offering Eastview students discounted tickets to their spring show on Saturday, May 13 if you’d like to check them out ($15 instead of the regular $22). Please see me by May 10 if you’re interested in the discounted tickets to this show.  You can also Google them or find them on Facebook for more details.

Mid April Update

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend.  Just a few more busy choir weeks to go!  Here are some reminders and new pieces of information:

  • There are still many outstanding permission forms for the Barrie Music festival this Wednesday.  I need them immediately!  They are available in the vocal room or in PDF format here.
  • This Tuesday we will have chamber choir until 3:30, then rehearse the grad class song until 4:00.
  • For those doing Be Our Guest in Gala: There will be no rehearsal this Thursday since I will be away.  Please continue to practice choreography with the video.  The following week (Apr 27), plan to stay until 4:00pm if possible since it will be our last rehearsal for it.
  • Drafts of the Gala programs are now posted, as well as the schedule for the dress rehearsal day.  Any requests for changes must be made by this Friday.  See them on this page.
  • Gala tickets will be going on sale this week for $10 each
  • Your resource for all things Gala is  Includes costuming information, draft programs, the dress rehearsal schedule, and choreography videos.

Schedule Until the End of the Season

Anything in blue is new.

Tues Apr 18 Chamber Gala Song until 3:30, Grad class song until 4:00
Wed Apr 19 Concert Choir until 4:00, Do-Re-Mi until 4:30
Mon Apr 24 Chamber Gala Song until 3:30, Grad class song until 4:00
Wed Apr 26 Concert Choir until 4:00, Do-Re-Mi until 4:30
Thurs Apr 27 Be Our Guest until 4:00
Tues May 2 Chamber Gala Song until 3:30, Grad class song until 4:00
Wed May 3 See detailed schedule on this page
Thurs May 4 Gala – Period 2 matinee; Warm-up for evening show at 6:45pm
Wed May 10 Rehearsal canceled – Take a well deserved break!
Fri May 12 50th Reunion – Warm-up at 5:45pm, you’ll be done by 7:45pm

Seniors Serenade Details

See this article in the Barrie Examiner about us!

The Program

Small Group + Grade 10 Class Be Our Guest
Chamber Choir + Florida Choir Cape Breton Lullaby
Eatnemen Vuelie
Chamber Choir This Little Babe
Senior Vocal Ensemble Cantate Domino
Under the Sea
Grade 9 Ensemble Seasons of Love
Small Group Do, Re, Mi
Concert Choir Dream a Dream
Agnus Dei
Hand in Hand
O Happy Day
Tribute to the Beatles
Disney through the Decades


  • Meet in room 204 at 11:20 on Wed Apr 12, dressed in your uniforms and having eaten.  We will walk over to the church to rehearse.
  • If you are unable to make it to all or part of the dress rehearsal due to concerns with missing class, please let me know ASAP.  You should still come to the concert though!

April 5 Update

Note – This is the same information on the handout given out at the April 5 rehearsal.

Wednesday, April 12 – Seniors Serenade

  • You will be signed out of periods 3, 4, and 5 for a dress rehearsal. If you’re uncomfortable missing any of these classes I don’t mind you missing part of the rehearsal, but please let me know which part(s) ASAP so I can plan accordingly.
  • Meet in the vocal room at 11:20am, dressed in your performances uniforms, and with a full stomach! We will then walk over together. No permission form is required since it is just a walk up the block.
  • The concert is from 2:30-3:30pm. Parents may come, but there is not going to be a lot of extra seating available for parents.

Thursday, April 13

I would like to meet with all grade 9-11 choir members on this date to discuss some ideas for next year and to get some input into decision making for the 2017-2018 season.  Please come to room 204 for the first half hour of your lunch period. You may bring your lunch.

Wednesday, April 19 – Barrie Music Festival

  • Please return the permission form by Wednesday, April 12.  It is available in the vocal room or in PDF format here.
  • You will be missing periods 1 and 2 on April 19 (those in the grade 10 vocal class will be missing periods 3 and 4 as well). Dress will be performance uniforms.

Music Memorization Timelines (reminder)

  • Wednesday, April 12 – Hand in Hand, Agnus Dei
  • Wednesday, April 19 – Do-Re-Mi, Be Our Guest (for those doing them), Disney Medley
  • Wednesday, April 26 – The Cat Came Back

Other Important Items

  • A document for Gala costuming requirements is now posted in the vocal room and online (see me for the private link)
  • Grade nines doing “Seasons of Love” will have their last practice at lunch time tomorrow
  • Girls – please remember that for your uniforms you should be wearing a long black skirt or dress pants. Leggings or casual bottoms are not appropriate for our formal uniforms.


Thank you for your efforts.  Only  two more rehearsals until our Gala dress rehearsal!!!