Next Year Information

This post applies to all current grade 9-11 Eastview choir members and their parents, as well as to students and their parents who could potentially join or rejoin choir next year.  Many of you have already received hard copies of much of this information, but hopefully this email will fill in any gaps.

  1. Anyone who was in choir this year – Please make sure I have your music and folders back at this time.
  2. Choral Ensembles for next year – Details are provided in this PDF, however here is a summary:
    • Concert choir will rehearse next year on Wednesdays, from 2:45-4:00pm, with optional repertoire being rehearsed from 4:00-4:30pm
    • Chamber choir will rehearse on Tuesdays, from 2:45-4:00pm.  Auditions for chamber choir will be held next week, and students must sign-up on the vocal room door. Those who were in this year’s chamber choir do not need to re-audition.
    • Additional smaller ensembles for next year include the Senior Vocal Ensemble and the Festival Choir.  The Festival Choir will be a sub-group of the chamber choir, specifically for people participating in Nationals in Ottawa next year.  All prospective members of these ensembles must sign-up for an audition time.
  3. Next Year’s Trip [ ACTION REQUIRED ]
    • Details are provided in this PDF, and the form that needs to be returned by June 1can be downloaded here. Both of these documents are also available as hard copies.  Note – parents may also reply by email rather than sending in the form.
    • Please note that the first deposit for the trip will be due on June 15, but it will be refundable until the final paperwork is received from you in the fall.  The deposit will be payable by cash, cheque, or the SchoolCashOnline website.
    • Since we are performing at the festival on this trip, we would like to maximize participation.  If the price point is out of range for you, please consider specifying on the form what you are able to budget, and we’ll see how much of the additional cost can be covered through fundraising and subsidies.
    • About fundraising – we are planning to run at least one fundraiser next year that people can participate in individually, meaning that 100% of profits made from an individual’s fundraising efforts will go towards reducing their individual trip cost.  The amount you can make from this depends on effort, but $100-$200 is within reason. Additionally, we’ll run some fundraising events to benefit the group as a whole, which will help generate funds for additional subsidies that some individuals may require.
    • If you really think you’ll be unsure of your participation on the trip as of June 1, please contact me.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Thanks, and have a wonderful summer to those who I don’t get a chance to touch base with until then!

Pizza Party and Other Items

A few quick year-end items:

  • First and foremost, FREE PIZZA! We’ll be having a choir pizza lunch, taking place during both lunch periods on Wednesday May 16 in the vocal room. At this time, we will also hold elections for next year’s choir executive council.
  • Students – please return all choir music and folders to the vocal room on or before the date of the pizza lunch (May 16)
  • Grade 9-11 Students – Please be reminded that the form handed out at Gala regarding travel for next year needs to be returned by June 1.  If you have not received one yet, you can get one at the pizza lunch or from me at any time.
  • Auditions for next year will take place in late May or early June.  More details will be available at the pizza party and will also be shared electronically.

Thanks, and enjoy having a bit more free time after school now!