Final December Update

Thank you everyone for another wonderful concert this week! It’s been a particularly busy Christmas season for this choir, and it’s great to see everyone still hanging in there and at their best. Choir members – you have represented yourselves and your school incredibly well, and have brought joy to many people in our community, from the young ones who had a blast singing with you a couple weeks back, to the senior citizens you will be entertaining this Wednesday. Special mention goes out to Claire AllenKenzie Miller, and Olivia Murphy who represented Eastview at the Horseshoe Valley Candlelight Stroll on Friday in support of the Salvation Army.

Wednesday, December 12

If you ARE NOT going to K-Cup:

  • At the start of period 4, get dressed into your uniform (see below) and meet in the vocal room.  The bus leaves at 12:15, the concert starts at 2:30, and everyone will be back at the school by 4:15. If you need to be back earlier than that, please let me know and I’ll ensure you are on the earlier bus which will arrive back to the school around 3:50.

If you ARE going to K-Cup:

  • Leave your music folder in your cubby in the music room, and we will transport it for you.  Anything else you require for the performance (eg – choir shirt) should be left in a clearly labelled bag in the vocal room first thing in the morning and we will transport it for you.
  • All choir members going to K-Cup will be on the same bus. You are to return to this bus at 1:20pm (a little earlier than the other buses) to transport you to the concert.
  • The concert starts at 2:30, and everyone will be back at the school by 4:15. If you need to be back earlier than that, please let me know and I’ll ensure you are on the earlier bus which will arrive back to the school around 3:50.


  • For this concert, any black pants and black shoes will do, to make life easier for those needing to do a quick change at the church after K-Cup.
  • For future concerts – Please make sure pants and shoes are fully black, and that it is formal attire (you may contact me if financial assistance is needed to meet uniform requirements). Also, if you’d like to add an accessory, PLEASE ASK so we can discuss the appropriateness for the specific event and we can invite other choir members to do the same.

Coffeehouse – December 14

Celebrate your accomplishments by joining your fellow choir members at the coffeehouse this Friday, December 14! For those who’d like to perform, you may still audition on Monday.  The coffeehouse begins at 7pm in the Eastview library, and admission (for non-performers) is $5 at the door.

Chamber Choir

Rehearsals on Dec 11, Jan 8, and Jan 15 will be for the Competitive Core only, as we finish preparing festival pieces.

Happy Holidays!

No rehearsals during the week of December 17.  Have a wonderful holiday season.

Update for Week of December 3

It’s been both a wonderful and hectic week! All choir members are to be commended on their musical performances, professionalism and dedication. You represented Eastview and our program incredibly well to a vast number of people in the community this week. To parents – THANK YOU for your continued support, as I know this time of year tends to be busy to begin with.

This coming week is a little easier, but here is what you need to know, all regarding Eastview’s main Christmas Concert on Wednesday, December 5:

  • Dress Rehearsal – At 8:00am on Wednesday, all choir members should meet in the vocal room to travel to Collier Street United Church for our rehearsal.  Chamber Choir members will return to the school by 11:15am, all others will be back by 10:25am.
  • There is no rehearsal after school.
  • Students should be at Collier Street United Church in the evening by 6:45pm, in performance uniforms.
  • The concert begins at 7:30pm, and is expected to end by 9:00pm. Traditionally, students plan a social gathering after the concert (optional participation). Details will be discussed on Wednesday morning.
  • Tickets are $7 each. Any tickets pre-ordered either online or via the forms will be available for pick-up beginning Monday or at the door. Tickets will also be sold at the door and are available from music teachers at any time. This is Eastview’s main music event of the season, so if you only see one of our Christmas concerts, this one is recommended!

A couple other items:

  • If you’ve written us any cheques, I haven’t had the chance to get them deposited yet and you may not see them processed for another couple of weeks. My apologies for the delay. If you need me to hold off on depositing a cheque until the big spending season is over, just send me a quick reply.
  • The following people still owe me permission forms for this Wednesday. If you think your name is on this list in error, please let me know and I’ll double check: Claire A, Alyssa B, Veronica M, Severn C-I, Hailey C, Holly F-L, Kaitlin G, Olivia M, Adriana P, Maddie S, Jehvon W.

Coming up the following week:

  • December 12 is our Senior’s Serenade concert from 2:30-3:30pm. Students will depart the school by 12:15pm and will arrive back by 4:15pm. Those attending Kempenfelt Cup will be transported straight from there to the concert, and should leave anything required for the concert (eg – music, uniform) in a clearly labelled bag in the vocal room before departing for K-Cup.
  • December 14 is our Christmas Coffeehouse, which will wrap up our December event season.

Please send any questions my way!