Semester 2 Startup

Welcome back everyone! A few items:

February Rehearsals

  • Concert Choir
    • Each Wednesday, full choir, ending at 4:00pm
  •  Chamber Choir
    • February 5, 12, and 19 will continue to be the competitive core only, until 4:00pm
    • February 26 will be everyone going to Sudbury only, including members not in the competitive core (to rehearse for our concert in Parry Sound), until 4:00pm

Text message announcements via Remind

Those on the Roger’s network are no longer able to receive text messages from the Remind service, due to an imposed fee. At the first rehearsal in February, details will be provided for a replacement to this system that will work on everyone’s phones.


All forms and money are due this week. Online payments will close this Monday, February 4, however you can bring me forms and money in person to choir on Wednesday as well. I will provide final details in a week or two once I’ve received the schedule from the Festival.

Guest Presenter – Thursday, February 7

All choir and vocal students are invited to the cafeteria during period 2 this Thursday for a presentation by Brett Caswell. Brett will be introducing us to an entirely new concept of a “choir”, and will speak about his ongoing work to bring this revolutionary idea to Barrie. Students who attend this presentation will be signed out of class for the period.

Grade 9, 10, 11 Students – Looking Ahead

As we approach the time for next year’s course selections, please be reminded that continuation in the choir next year requires students to choose a music course for one of their primary selections (not an alternate), and preferably vocal music. Unavoidable conflicts will be considered on a case-by-case basis after course schedules have been determined, but the music course selection must be made on the option sheet.

The courses are the foundation of everything else that happens in the choral music program, and are the primary reason for Eastview’s success in this area. Enrolling in these courses is the number one thing students can do to help ensure the program stays strong into the future, and that we can continue to offer the opportunities we do.

Finally, I’m looking at a possible choir trip to New York City in the fall. I’ve teamed up with Caswell Community Choirs (who we will be hearing about at Thursday’s presentation) to make this a combined trip between them and us. Since the trip will be organized through a community organization rather than the school board, we won’t need to go through the approval process that kept this year’s planned trip to Boston from happening. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

Let me know if there are any questions, and I look forward to seeing everyone soon!