Gala Auditions

We have fewer applicants than usual this year and I’ve work with all applicants extensively, so a formal audition process will not be necessary.  Everyone who applied will be accepted into the evening Gala, subject to a few conditions listed below. We won’t be able to get everyone in the matinee, but this will be decided at a later time.


Applicant(s) Notes/Conditions
Alyssa B
(I Wanna Dance)
 Please provide sheet music by Fri Mar 22.
Sam V
(Thank you for the music)
 Please provide sheet music by Fri Mar 22
Vanessa V
(Never be like you)
 Please provide sheet music by Fri Mar 22
Mary W
(Wish You Were Here)
Alyssa, Maddie, Hailey
 We should be able to work on this a bit in class as well. We’ll discuss after March Break how we might put this all together with the additional songs.
Cam, Blake, Claire, Jehvon, Andrew (Creep, Stand by Me) We should be able to get both songs in, BUT we do need to find a time when you can all get together to rehearse. I know this group has already worked pretty extensively on these songs, so we don’t need a lot of time, but we will need to find some.
Zelda Group and Sr. Vocal Ensemble (Evolution of Music) These two selections will be a pretty ambitious undertaking.  We’ll need to talk… either you’ll need to find more rehearsal time (even if some of it is just sectional rehearsal time), or we will need to scale this back somewhat.  We should also come up with a backup plan if these end up just being about half ready as the Gala approaches.

Jehvon – Awesome Zelda arrangement!  I have just a few small suggestions… mainly the sopranos will be getting quite a workout in the introductory theme, and it might make sense to transpose this section down a little bit for them.