Choir Updates

Please be reminded that our Gala date is Thursday, May 2, which leaves us with only three more regular concert choir rehearsals until our final run through on stage with the band on May 1. The number of absences at Wednesday’s rehearsal was quite concerning, particularly among those people who didn’t sign-out or otherwise inform us of the absence. The Gala event has traditionally been a favourite for choir members, but we need everyone to continue to hang in there for the next few weeks to make it a success. For those of you doing spring sports, please speak with me; we can work around your sports schedules, but we just need to chat to figure it out.

A couple other quick things:

  • We started some choreography this week.  Videos of what we have done so far are posted online for those who missed the rehearsal or need to do some extra practice.  These will continue to be updated each week.
  • Our family of schools tour has been penciled in for Wednesday, May 15, from periods 2-5.  More information and permission forms will be available once we receive final approval.

The next piece of information to come along will be regarding Gala costuming. I hope to have that available to pass along at some point next week.