Music Department Updates

Just a few updates, which will also hopefully address some of the questions many of you may have at the moment.

  • Concert – We will look at rescheduling the concert once the government and union have reached a contract agreement. If we try to reschedule prior to then, we run the risk of having the same outcome. If you pre-purchased tickets, it would probably be easiest to wait until a new date is announced, at which point you can decide to use the tickets or request a refund. If anyone would like an immediate refund please let me know and I can process it for you.
  • Coffeehouse – The choir council is organizing a coffeehouse event for next Thursday, December 12, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that this one will end up running. Auditions will be held next Monday and Tuesday during lunch periods for anyone interested in performing.
  • Choir Rehearsals – My plan is to run both concert choir and chamber choir rehearsals next week, but cancel them the following week to give everyone a break. If the direction of the labour dispute causes plans to change, I will announce that ASAP.

Finally, for those who haven’t heard, Mrs. Paula Kowalchuk, orchestra teacher at Eastview, sadly lost her mother earlier this week after a lengthy illness. For those who know Mrs. Kowalchuk well, if you would like to write her a note or something similar, I will be attending the funeral on Saturday and will gladly pass anything from students along to her. The obituary and funeral arrangements can be found here.

Thank you, and I hope my next update will be a happier one!