Welcome to Semester 2

While we had a fairly lengthy hiatus, we are back in action and regular rehearsals are currently running. Members NOT planning to return to the choir for semester 2 should see me to return their music, at which point I will remove them from this mailing list. I do hope everyone decides to stick with it, however, as I’m hopeful we’ll be able to use the spring to make up for some of the lost opportunities from the Christmas season.

Upcoming Performances

  • Collier Street United Church – I’m still hoping we can reschedule this concert when the political situation improves, although the chosen music may change to be more reflective of the season! I’m going to give it another month at least before making an official decision to cancel. Pre-purchased tickets will be refunded if we cancel.
  • CHAMBER CHOIR ONLY – KW Kiwanis Music Festival – April 16 or 17 – I’ll provide more details when the festival schedule is made available on March 1.
  • Barrie Music Festival – Wed, April 29 – This will be a half day field trip, at no extra cost. Details to come as scheduling information becomes available.
  • Gala – ESS Cafetorium – Thurs, May 7 – Our final show, featuring popular music of the 21st century.


The new uniforms have arrived and will be distributed prior to our next performance. Details are as follows:


  • Provided by us: long red skirt
  • Provided by you: black button-down shirt/blouse, black nylons, black dress shoes
  • Notes: Returning choir members can use their shirts from previous years if they choose. I have a few extras up for grabs for anybody who needs one. Dress shoes can be heals or flats, but please take comfort into consideration for long periods of standing.


  • Provided by us: red tie
  • Provided by you: black button-down shirt, black pants, black dress shoes
  • Notes: For those who do not already have a black shirt, please see me to see if I have one I can give you.

Gala Solos

The final Gala provides ample opportunity for solo performances for those who are interested. Application forms, which also contain more detailed information, are available from me and will be introduced at this week’s rehearsal. APPLICATIONS ARE DUE FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21.