Cancellations and Refunds

It has been an uphill battle this year!

Here is the latest for the Eastview Choir, in light of recent news:

  • Collier Street United Church – This is now officially cancelled. Refunds for online ticket purchases were issued earlier today. If you have any physical tickets that you paid cash for (few of you do), please bring them in at any time for a refund.
  • Coffeehouse, scheduled for April 9 – This will be postponed, and rescheduled for a later date if it is deemed safe to do so.

The following events will proceed if it is deemed safe to do so:

  • April 17 – Chamber Choir trip to Kitchener-Waterloo Kiwanis Festival
  • April 29 – Concert Choir trip to Barrie Music Festival
  • May 7 – End of Year Gala Performance

We will likely need to scale these events back from a musical perspective due to a loss of preparation time. However, provided health and safety is not a concern, we will make the best of any opportunities that are available to us.

Depending on what ends up getting cancelled and our financial position in June, I may be issuing a partial refund of the $50 choir fee before the end of the school year.

Thank you, enjoy the upcoming break, and stay safe.