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Countdown to OVF

With the festival fast approaching and much work to be done, I’d like to propose the following rehearsal schedule. I have not added any mandatory rehearsals, but a few “best effort” ones. This represents my best attempt to continue to respect people’s time and other commitments, while giving our choir members the greatest opportunity to be at their best for this festival.

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Wed Oct 18 Schedule

If you are around and not rehearsing at any point, please help with coffeehouse setup!!

2:45-2:50 – Warm-up
2:50-3:25 – Mixed Chamber
3:25-4:00 – Female Chamber
4:00-4:30 – Chamber Christmas
4:30-5:00 – Senior Vocal Ensemble
5:00-5:30 – All on Coffeehouse setup
5:30-6:00 – Council meeting/pizza dinner
6:00-6:45 – Sound check
7:00 – Coffeehouse begins!

Chamber Choir Festival Plans

Hi Chamber Choir,

So we’ve lost four of our last six rehearsals due to snow days. With only three more to go, it’s not looking great for preparing our OVF music in time.  Some possible solutions:

  • We could perform Cape Breton Lullaby and two Christmas songs (maybe This Little Babe and Carol of the Bells)
  • We could perform less than three songs
  • We could not go at all, and instead see if I can get us registered into the Barrie Music Festival in April (you’re all going to this one anyway for concert choir)
  • Try to squeeze in some extra rehearsals, and bring those people to the festival who are able to be at enough of them to learn the music.  This would include a rehearsal tomorrow (Tuesday) after school.

I’ve emailed the festival to see what they think of us going for either of the first two options!

I’d like to have a short meeting to discuss this tomorrow.  Could you all please plan to meet at one of the following two times if possible?

  • Beginning of Period 3 lunch in the vocal room
  • Beginning of Period 4 lunch in the library seminar room (back of the library)

Mr. Stewart