Future Students

We always look forward to welcoming our newest Eastview Wildcat musicians! The Eastview music program provides a nurturing, tight-knit community within the larger school setting where students experience musical, personal and social growth.

To get the best possible start in the Eastview Music program, students are encouraged to choose two grade nine music electives:

Details about each of these options can be found on our courses page. Students who are interested in taking a grade 9 elective course outside of music in addition to two music courses are able to do so by deferring their required Physical Education credit to a later year, when it can come as a welcome relief within a heavily academic focused semester.

Vocal music strongly complements the learning of an orchestral instrument, as it vastly improves the students' musical ears and provides them with deeper experiences of reading music, developing musicality, and applying the theoretical elements of the courses. Furthermore, our vocal students have the opportunity to be fully part of Eastview's 55+ year tradition of choral music excellence and leadership within Simcoe County and beyond.

For students who are just looking to get a taste of music at Eastview in their grade nine year, choosing any one of our choral or instrumental courses is still a great option!

Please make sure you get a chance to watch/listen to us by visiting our audio/video page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Eastview provide instruments?

Yes. You will have an instrument loaned to you free of charge if you are taking a class or are in an ensemble that requires it. Students may be required to purchase a mouthpiece. If you have your own instrument, you are welcome to use it.

Will I get my first instrument choice?

We do our best to accommodate first choices, but instrument assignments are also dependent on availability of the instruments and the need to create balanced ensembles.

I already play an instrument. Can I start learning a different one?

Yes! Often students who already play an instrument will play it in the orchestra, while using class time to learn a new instrument.

Can I change instruments, or learn a second instrument during my time at Eastview?

Yes. Students are encouraged to broaden their musical skills. Instrument choice is subject to availability.

What do I choose if I play drums?

You should choose AMO 1O – Inexperienced woodwind, brass and percussion. Since percussion is a popular choice, it cannot always be accommodated.

Do you offer guitar courses?

We offer classical guitar courses starting in grade ten. Students interested in taking guitar are encouraged to take vocal or instrumental music in grade nine to develop a solid musical foundation for the guitar courses.

What if I’m a piano player?

We don’t have courses that teach piano specifically, although all vocal music students do learn at least basic keyboard skills.  Students working at a Grade 8 RCM level or higher are often invited to be accompanists for our choirs. Students who accompany can earn volunteer hours towards their graduation for the time they devote to this. Often piano players find that our vocal music program complements their piano skills nicely, as both require strong reading and ear training skills for success.

I have a question that isn’t answered here.

Please feel free to email us at: dcstewart@scdsb.on.ca